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Forum posts for Hike

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 28, 2005
Even if this weekend get's rained out, is the plan not reusable for another weekend? Say may 24 or something?

i am out.. LAME
Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 28, 2005
i would have loved to join you, but i now have new and retarded plans for this weekend..

I am preparing a Business Plan for my boss.. the 'Bidness Plan' will be about 50 to 60 pages... and sweet lord i have no clue when i would be able to work on it besides this weekend.. OH LORD SO HIDEOUS...

Here's the most retarded part.... i called in sick today so i don't have to do my normal job of Activities Coordination ... and i am staying home to work on research for the business plan!

Calling in sick so i can work... HAHAHAHAHA ----- LAME

I WILL be coming home next weekend though.. if all goes well

Come on feel the noise...girls talk to b
Posted by Miguel on Apr 28, 2005

I empathize with your deep, insanely harrowing sorrow. If I dont go to wonderland saturday due to weather issues I might come over with some "research aids".

Consisting of:

3 or 4 insane japanese movies.
Some random videogames?

I am here to help you accomplish your goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Posted by fanoom on Apr 28, 2005
Still a 70% chance, not very much change from yesterday, although they're expecting it to go into sunday too... So we're looking at afternoon rains more then likely. Here's hoping we catch a break and are able to go for this hike with a minimal amount of rain.

However I am going to suggest that perhaps we could just go hike the trails around cyprus lake if it's supposed to be scattered showers that day. That way we'll always be within about 2km from a vehicle and escape from a possible onslaught of jurassic carnovores trying to eat our intestines. Yay or Nay?

Oh yeah
Posted by fanoom on Apr 28, 2005
Yeah, the plan is completely reusable. But we did plan it for Paul's France friend...

Miguel, you should leave Trevor alone, it's not his fault he's a chump and has to call in sick to work. What a sucker.

Posted by fanoom on Apr 29, 2005
They're calling for a 60% chance of rain tomorrow in the morning, 40% over the whole day, they're expecting approx 1mm of rain, it's going to be a cool one tomorrow, and maybe a little drizzly, but I think we're a go for tomorrow morning. So tighten up those belts, dress warm, and pack rain gear just incase cause we're doing this little hike.

Lets giv'r hardcore styles

Posted by phduffy on Apr 29, 2005
I'm on my way, and I'm bringing 3 people.