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Forum posts for For all those smokers out there...

Posted by Miguel on Apr 22, 2005

you are right...
Posted by Hatful on Apr 22, 2005
they are definately litter that you don't think about at the time,
and smokers should definately do what they can to curb that litter.

what would also help though is if smokers weren't shunned and forced out of every public place that otherwise they could be sitting in comfortably and most importantly butting their cigarettes out into ashtrays, and not the sidewalk.

I disagree
Posted by fanoom on Apr 22, 2005
No, smokers should be shunned by one and all for what they are, polluters. Of course we're all polluters in our own way. But this is a non essential pollution, perhaps one that we as a species could stop all together? baby step, but a step all the same.

yeah i agree as well
Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 23, 2005
My Korean and Japanese students usually carry around mini keychain ashtrays...
The littering laws in major asian cities like Tokyo and Seoul are strictly enforced and you get stiff fines for tossing your butts...

I might get shit for this but...
Posted by cosmicfish on Apr 23, 2005
I really like that you can't smoke anywhere inside. In the pub in England it was full of smoke and my clothes always stank and I felt like shit, I was smoking at the time too but it probably didn't matter to much if I was or not spending 10 hours a day in a smoky workplace.

I'm less inclined to visit friends houses where they smoke too...

I brought someone to the hospital once whose been smoking for a long time and saw a lot of black shit come out of his lungs. Was enough to make me not want to smoke most of the time.

mini ashtray?
Posted by Hatful on Apr 23, 2005
On a key chain? Neat. And likely super cute besides...
They close up or something, and you later enpty them out?
That's definately worth getting...

As for the polluter comment.. Well one person driving their car for one day is way more damage to everyone then my lifetime of smoking.
And the shunning.. well should be shun fat people also? Where smokers pollute and may smell bad, those that are overweight may be found visually unappealing by some. And it both cases it's a choice one makes.

Smokey workplaces are gross, it's very true, and I'm finding it nice going to crowded bars where everyone is dancing and not having it smokey cloudy. A glassed of room somewhere in the bar would remedy both smoke in bars and buts on the street (not to mention the crowds out front that are hard to maneuver around).