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Forum posts for It's official, I just creamed my pants!

Posted by nszyngie on Nov 09, 2005
So Miguel,

what do you think about the Warriors (game) then? I was only aware of the games release since August, but am still intrigued. I loved how Spike ran The Warriors flick then night before release. Little did I know that Syrous' speech at the beginning has been used in countless drum n bass / jungle tracks.

"Who are the Warriors?"

Posted by Miguel on Nov 09, 2005
Unfortunately I have not played it yet. But a very good friend of mine has it in his possession, and you better believe we are going to consume narcotics and play the co-op mode.

From all accounts I have read, it is the awesomeness!

Fair Enough
Posted by nszyngie on Nov 10, 2005
Good stuff. Be sure to let me know how it is. I haven't bought a game since GTA:SA, simply because I can't rely on the quality and creative aspect of games these days. I considered the Warriors, but I don't know if it would keep my attention like the GTA's have. I have also considered picking up Shadow of the Collosus, but I don't know if I have the time for those (seemingly) long missions . . .

Can you dig it?!?

Posted by phduffy on Nov 10, 2005
Warriors...... come out and play.....