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Forum posts for GRADSHOW 2005

Posted by pudding on Apr 09, 2005
Holy crap Vivian your portfolio is really impressive. I am downloading that anmiation but it is taking forever.

Have you looked into designing annual reports? I know we pay a ton of money to have ours done each year... like thousands and thousands. And it doesn't even look that impressive.

Anyways I just wanted to say how awesome your stuff is.


Hell Yeah
Posted by Miguel on Apr 09, 2005

I've already told her that if she is freelance and I am ever in charge of contracting out designers for any communications projects (brochures, annual reports etc.), shes totally getting a call.

Posted by vivian on Apr 09, 2005
iain, for the love of god, i hope you're not downloading the 55mb file... don't do it..

and thanks for the 'props'.


Posted by sarah on Apr 10, 2005
vivan you're a god! or goddess i suppose. i always knew you had skills, but yes well done!


55 mb file
Posted by pudding on Apr 10, 2005
So I downloaded it but it doesn't work.


Posted by vivian on Apr 10, 2005
sorry iain.. i was worried about that.. i couldn't bring myself to let the whole download finish either... ?

grr.. i should probably remove the link then


and thanks sarah.. you should drop by the show if you're not too busy with school and work.. opening night was tonight and it was disgustingly packed.. ugh

EVERYONE: if you drop by, sign my comment book. please. thanks. :)

Posted by bryan on Apr 10, 2005
good job vivian!

I liked your typeface... I don't really know what makes a typeface good, but I think yours had it.

Posted by bryan on Apr 10, 2005
or is it font?

Posted by vivian on Apr 12, 2005
font vs. typeface; they're basically interchangable now, but i think traditionally, font referred to a specific typeface, in a specific point size, in a specific weight/style [ie: Franklic Gothic 10pt, bold oblique vs. Franklin Gothic 36pt, roman] and typeface referred to the entire set of characters/numbers etc [ie: Franklin Gothic] ...

i'm probably wrong, but i think that's it..

i was supposed to see your sister last night, but she never showed.. i was sad.. did you know that i'm obsessed with her?

Posted by bryan on Apr 12, 2005
Thats what I thought, the last part anyways, but I knew you'd be able to spell it out nice and simple. I didn't know they were interchangeable now though.

she never showed eh?

That's pretty weak, and more Bryan -like than Lindsey-esque.

I did not know you were obsessed, but I can see how. She has my ass.

Posted by vivian on Apr 12, 2005
i talked to linz for about 2 hours today.. we're on a daily phone call basis now.. she's like my girlfriend that never puts out, except for the occasional ass bounce

speaking of poetz bum, her's is about 10000x nicer than yours.. we were talking about how you looked slightly like a homeless guy that snuck into the gradshow on sunday.. haha just kidding [well.. maybe not.. we did discuss this.. how people were shocked that YOU were HER brother haha]

Posted by bryan on Apr 13, 2005
im sure her is 10000X nicer. We had the same ass in grade 10. Mine has been expanding @ a rate of ass=F*t^2-e since then, which by some physicist's calculations will have it blocking out the sun if I make it to 65. I'll still make the "we have the same ass" joke for another x*3^7 years.

I may have looked slightly homeless on Sunday. Whats it to you?