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Forum posts for Movie Review

oh yes!
Posted by Hatful on Apr 03, 2005
Sin City is really fantastic.
Visually very stunning..
Aside from being so fun.
Paul is absolutely right. Way up there on best movie list.

Posted by sarah on Apr 04, 2005
why is miho played by a white girl?!?! she's supposed to be japanese. stupid!

now i want to see it even more after your review.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 04, 2005
She's like half Japanese.

That's what she looks like anyways.

I don't really see how that could matter though.

I don't get bothered when the Kingpin is black or whatever, cause who cares? That's not what he's about. (I do care that Daredevil sucked, but that's a seperate issue).

Posted by Miguel on Apr 04, 2005

What if superman was a girl? Or Spiderman was played by Freddie Prinze Junior, or maybe a cat?

Sometimes casting decisions bug me. The Kingpin one doesnt because I've never seen Daredevil and I don't think I ever will. But I'm not one of those geeks that flip out when Spiderman has biological web shooters and "OH MY GOD HE BUILT THEM IN THE COMIC BOOK BOYCOTT THE MOVIE KILL SAM RAIMI I NEED POON IN THE WORST WAY!!!"

Posted by phduffy on Apr 04, 2005
Spiderman being played by Freddie Prinze Junior is very different than Kingpin being played by a black man.

I would much rather see a black Spiderman, played by a good actor, then a crappy one by Freddie Prinze Junior.

Kingpin being Kingpin has nothing to do with him being white. So it doesn't matter what colour the person that plays him is.

Luke Cage, Hero for Hire on the other hand, is partially defined by being black. So when you cast a non-black actor as him, you'd ruin him.

Getting upset by a crappy actor being cast I can understand. Being upset because a certain actor isn't the right race or doesn't have the right look... usually doesn't make much sense to me. Hell, Michael Keaton made the best Batman ever, and he certainly doesn't look like a superhero.

And Devon Aoki played Miho.

And really, biological web shooters make more sense.

But what if...
Posted by kristian on Apr 04, 2005
The movie looks really good...but I've never read any of the comic books and am not familiar with the characters in anyway. Will this inhibit my enjoyment of the film?

Posted by phduffy on Apr 04, 2005
I don't think so.

The movie is pretty much a direct translation of the comic book.

And you didn't need to know anything to read the comic, so you should be fine.

You should be fine.

= D
Posted by cosmicfish on Apr 04, 2005
Bruce Willis is my boyfriend.

Laura's boyfriend?
Posted by Hatful on Apr 04, 2005
Laura: You've taken a lover?
The Bruce Willis?
That's sweet.

Posted by sarah on Apr 06, 2005
have you made a t-shirt yet that says "have you seen my boyfriend" with mr willis' picture underneath?!?!?!?

Posted by cosmicfish on Apr 07, 2005
no! i forgot. i will though, tonight. it will be hilarious.

more t-shirt ideas anyone?

Posted by weberm1 on Apr 07, 2005
Laura, a t-shirt with an old school picture of bob barker would be awesome. I have always wanted one of those, but have no idea where to find one.

so great.

robots are cool too, but not as funny as bob would be.

and the bruce willis t-shirt would be great. i would tell you to make one with val kilmer on it if you lived in toronto, as toronto seems to love the val kilmer. in one day in variouls locations in the city, i saw his face on buildings or his name spray painted somewhere. it was neat.

Val Kilmer
Posted by Miguel on Apr 07, 2005

I know the guy who does the Val Kilmer stuff all over the city. He works at the Vice store...hooks me up with a discount too!

Posted by mike on Apr 08, 2005
I've always thought a t-shirt that says "contents under pressure" with the appropriate WHIMIS symbol would be kinda awesome. Maybe with an arrow pointing up to the head or down to the crotch.

Or a shirt that says "This side up" with an arrow like a box label.