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Forum posts for Perpetual Motion

going and going and going.....
Posted by rockfaerie on Mar 31, 2005
i've seen that guy with his 'perpetual motion' machine... he's having these huge issues with a bunch of scientist guys cus they all think he's a crackpot and that perpetual motion is impossible... it's interesting and if i got the discovery channel i'd be tuning in!

Posted by mike on Apr 01, 2005
I wish that guy could have made more sense. I fail to see what forcing "gyroscopic particles" through a small opening and then having them scatter has to do with perpetual motion.

Ideally if his plan of going public in 3 months works out he will actually make some statements that are productive towards explaining why his machine works.

What the hell was he talking about... "You see.. if you give me a gyroscope I can explain how it works..." why didn't you bring a fucking gyroscope with you dude!
"It's kind of like how it took humans 1000 years to figure out how to put a water wheel into a river... I'm tapping into a 'river of energy'" What does that mean?!?!

Since the guy wasn't even forming sentences that I could comprehend... let alone apply to the yellow paper mache rock with a lightning bolt painted on it... I couldn't form an opinion one way or the other about how or if his machine might work.


If you are going to build a perpetual motion machine... be aware that people will think you are crazy when you tell them. You might want to sit down and prepeare some statements that make sense. You might not want to start manhandling people who ask to look inside your machine (no matter how frustrated you are noone believes you) because people will just be more inclined to think you are lying.
If you come up with what would be a huge scientific breakthrough (turning matter into energy) DON'T MAKE YOUR APPARATUS LOOK LIKE A PAPER MACHE ROCK AND PAINT IT YELLOW WITH A RED LIGHTNING BOLT ON IT!!!!! Fuck! Also try not to act crazy, maybe groom yourself a bit.

I really hope that this thing works... but that guy... damn... he has got to be a genius because he is stupid as hell.

No, the laws of physics are not meant to
Posted by Miguel on Apr 01, 2005

This guy is a crackpot. Plain and simple. I'm all for alternate sources of energy, scientific advancements or what have you, but perpetual motion just cannot happen, it goes against the most fundamental laws of physics that define and explain our universe.

We are not talking about some small, obscure mathematical proof that eventually gets solved by a brilliant retard like Matt Damon. We are talking about the first and second law of thermodynamics.

We have had well over 300 years of collective human thought trying to beat these laws or find some way around how our universe works and how entropy sets in. It won't happen.

This guy is on the same level as that dude from the future John Ator and that other doctor who made a Time Machine and an immortality medallion.