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Forum posts for Buisness Question

Posted by krys on Mar 17, 2005
i tell you what cosmicfish..
the people around your cafe make me uncomfortable..
but really.. i don't know if they are *much* different from other places regulars.. they stare because you are a new person.. treading on their territory..

but i really don't think you should be their emotional support system.. they take advantage of you!!

he he he
Posted by cosmicfish on Mar 17, 2005
I know, I don't know how to spell.

Posted by Hatful on Mar 18, 2005
it's reasonable to expect that your customers will behave themselves, as they are adults. this means refraining from being loud enough to disturb other customers (especially in terms of obscenities or ethnic slurs and the likes). if they are keeping the business afloat then of course you need them, but either way you there are ways to let them know they are acting or speaking inappropriately, though sometimes is it really tricky.

this is what i hate most about customer service.

as for hanover work i hear danny's is a great place to cash in.
jokes jokes.

Posted by cosmicfish on Mar 18, 2005
Yesterday after I posted the problem fixed itself sort of, two main offenders(?) blew up at each other. They were really yelling and swearing and getting other customers upset and I had to tell them to get out or I would call the cops. Then one of them checked himself into the hospital because of his mental instability! I've never had to yell at cusomers before... all over a couple cups of coffee.

Posted by jessie on Mar 18, 2005
every job has crazies, they are in-escapable!

i am happy your's realize they are crazy though...but aren't you only crazy if you are crazy but don't know it?? heh... i guess i am just saying, the crazies are everywhere!

anyway, check out hrdc