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Forum posts for Another (brief) vacation idea

please splain
Posted by Katie on Mar 14, 2005
doesn't it seem more like Julien was interested in doing a multi-day trip? I thought he wanted to walk 5-8 kms a day, and sleep in little cabins/tents at night, then get going again the next morning.

Is that what you're suggesting?

Anyway, that is only sort of possible on the Bruce trail. I don't think there are too many camping areas with cabins along the way, but there are definitely campgrounds. One of them is in Milton!

So another option would be to have the person who doesn't want to do the hiking drive to the next campsite, and wait for you guys there (i.e., drink and get crazy so that once everyone shows up tired and sweaty, that one non-walking person is super annoying!), and continue doing that for a couple of days.

Or is my french even more terrible than I remembered?

Posted by fanoom on Mar 14, 2005
What we're suggesting is tobermory to Cyprus Lake. We decided on a day trip because of the wonky weather we experienced last year, that way we don't have to contend with rain, and the cold, and lugging around 60-80lb packs to carry all the gear, I did this hike when I was around 14 in about 10 hours with a full pack. That was including alot of stops for swims which we won't be doing in April. And yes you can pull off a multi day hike further south. Infact they have the trail rigged up that you can hike during the day and stop at bed and breakfastes on the trail. But I'm not entirely sure where those are located. They might be up to Lions Head. I'm unsure, but I know I can find out. A multi-day hike is doable, let me know exactly what you want to do and I'll get the information. I'm just holding off buying the trail guide until I know for sure what you guys want to do.

I hope that explains things a little better for you Katie.


Posted by Nerhael on Mar 14, 2005
I'd be game for the day hike.

Posted by Katie on Mar 14, 2005
I am also interested.

BUT! Do you really think we can walk in 6 hours a distance it is supposedly going to take 2 hours to drive?

Impossible. I must be confused again. Perhaps you meant that the drive to Tobermory is 2 hours? And then the quick drive to the area of the path where we are going to start, 20 km away.

Stupid weekend at the cottage, killed far too many brain cells.

Oh, and I think we should keep in mind that the trail is likely to be incredibly muddy. Fun.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 14, 2005
I think what they were saying is that it's a 2 hour drive to the start off point from Hanover.

Mmm...mud. Last time we met, was during the canoe trip. Good times.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 14, 2005
Katie, you are correct when you say that what he's asked for is ideas for him to tour around Canada while hiking, while stopping and sleeping at night.

However, what he want and what he'll get are two different things.

I only have a week off, so I'm not going to go touring around with him. Also, I don't know enough to set him up with a multiple day trip by himself. (Maybe Michelle does?)

Anyways, this seemed like a good compromise.
I would also like to take him to the national park in MalloryTown, on the way to Ottawa, but with him wanting to do Montreal and Quebec after he's with me, I'm not sure how feasible that is. Consider that we'll be hiking on the Saturday, and I have to be back in Waterloo for school on the Monday.

Now, if anyone else wants to do some outdoorsy stuff with a nice Frenchman, I'm sure he'd be up to it.

I think I'm going to recommend that he goes to Montreal and Quebec, and then maybe Boston.

me too
Posted by krys on Mar 14, 2005
i am interested..
perfect time of year... no bugs, not too hot.. the mud will just be fun..

Posted by fanoom on Mar 14, 2005
Don't get your hopes up for mud, cause while in southern ontario there is alot of mud, there is just pine needles and rocks up there. Mud won't be a bother until we make our way inland for about a two kilometre portion of the hike. Even then if my memory serves (which it usually doesn't) the treks with actual topsoul beneath our feet are few and far between. And yes Katie that's two hours from Hanover to Tobermory, it's actually less. I'd plan on three hours to get started because of dropping off vehicles, etc. Then probably three hours back. The actual hike I'd slate in for 8 hours, it's 16km (road) from tobermory to cyprus lake, and about 20km of trail along the georgian bay coast. The sights along the trail are awesome, and you will be with a trained Geologist so it may be educational, but probably not. The biggest question that I have at this point is will we have enough daylight to get this thing done.


Posted by Nerhael on Mar 15, 2005
When do those crazy clocks get turned around? Isn't it easter weekend? We just may have to get up early to do it. But I'd expect daylight until 7-8 at that time of year.

daylight jobbie
Posted by fanoom on Mar 15, 2005
Daylight Savings time begins April 3rd, right now we have approx 11 hours of daylight, so we should be fine. As long as it doesn't rain. So as long as the frog decides he wants to go I believe we're a go. So I'll begin gathering maps, etc to find out all the information we'll need. Plan on bringing two days worth of food (just incase) a knife, a length of rope, a change of clothing, rain gear, and for god sakes comfortable shoes that have been broken in. Don't go out and buy hiking boots that aren't broken in. Oh yeah and insect repellant just incase. Canteen, and water purification tablets if you're a pussy that won't dring georgian bay water (it's clean no worries). bringing a cell phone would probably be a good idea too just incase. When I did the hike someone fell and broke an ankle and had to signal a rescue boat with a fire... There are no rescue boats after dusk.... Anyways I'm looking forward to this little trip. So even if frenchie doesn't want to go shall we go anyways?

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 15, 2005
I'm game either way.