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Forum posts for 101 Ways

Posted by jessie on Mar 08, 2005
i am interested in helping the environment, and i don't really see anything else i (or anyone else in my apartment) can do as far as conserving energy and such...
my big issue is that people like me, who can't afford to use solar panels, and don't have a garden to grow their own food, have nowhere to turn. There are no good organizations to turn to....greenpeace sucks, and that is the only one that comes to mind...

SO, instead of going about this environment stuff as individuals, there needs to be an organization that is heading the fight for better and cheaper technologies that are enviromentally friendly -- and make these available to the general public.


car idling sucks
Posted by Katie on Mar 08, 2005
You know, I have known that car idling fact for a few years now and I'm SO tempted to pass on the k nowledge when I see someone sitting in their car for hours. But people are so unreceptive to information like that, that I feel I would be setting myself up for an ass-kicking.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 08, 2005
I'm always tempted to take someone's car and drive it around the block when they leave it iddling.

Anyways, I'm curious, but how does buying from local growers help the environment?

local growers
Posted by Hatful on Mar 08, 2005
i think that the local growers thing probably has something to do with the shipping.
if you buy from a grower near you then they don't have to ship it as far maybe?
that saves on trucking. which is a lot of saved gas and saved money on road repairs. trucks wreck roads.

re: all of it
Posted by cosmicfish on Mar 08, 2005
jessie - Don't you know about administrative things, and pursuasive letter writing? I would like to start something or get involved in something, but I need to learn more and don't want to commit to starting something untill I am ready to stay in one place for awhile. When that day comes I will remember to get you involved!

Katie and phduffy - Yes, I totally share your feelings. People would probably laugh at you if you knocked on their window and told them they are earth killers.

Haful - You are correct, it does save on shipping. And supporting your local economy is awesome too.

Posted by mike on Mar 08, 2005
Lets build domes to live in out of hemp lumber. Cover it in turf and grow some food on it. Use partial geothermal heating from a hill you bury it in. Use solar panels or the wind for the rest of your heat and electricity. Maybe burn some wood in the winter for extra heat. You could refer to your home as a "Hippie Hut". It'll be fantastic. You could have round windows and doors if you want.

You could have a nice piece of property, have some fields and some water. Have a nice big garden, catch some fish, hunt some deer, build some cool shit. If things aren't working out go to the grocery store. You could get kind of close to being self sufficient.

I could go on for a while, so I'll just stop now.

i did that.
Posted by sarah on Mar 08, 2005
one time i actually knocked on a cars window and told them to turn their car off and i was told to "fuck off, you dirty hippie"

people are stupid.

Posted by Katie on Mar 09, 2005
Exhaust from idling cars is a big source of asthma attacks. We could fake horrible asthma attacks and use that to ask people to turn their cars off. And then tell them the whole 30 seconds of idling story.

Fuck off, you dirty hippy? That's even worse than the response that I would expect.