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Forum posts for Frickin' A

Posted by sarah on Mar 08, 2005
my swim suit area is tingling. mmm cowboy hats.

what are these guys? serious?

Posted by Hatful on Mar 08, 2005
i appreciate the special mention bryan.
and i am almost always tingling when i see cowboy hats and/or leather, unless there is a red truck of a mullet involved.

i ask as well, who are these guys?

as a sidenote, rob (my bf) saw your band at the underground (which i didn't go to cause i forgot, like i do), and he said that he liked you guys. especially the dialogue-type song you did.

Posted by bryan on Mar 08, 2005
as far as I can tell, these guys are deadly serious. I found them via myspace whores... Myspace is a scary place.

Does Rob tend bar?

Tell Rob thank you... the dialogue song is probably my favourite... its called TDC vs. the 9 Headed Hydra

Posted by Hatful on Mar 09, 2005
yea he tends bar at both the undergorund and the casbah (brodie/michele connection), but i don't know that he was working that day or not.