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Gillette TV Ads Opinions
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 25, 2010 New Messages
Two Gillette ads that I can't imagine having been actually approved by someone. 3 forum posts
(Jan 26 - 04:32PM)

Can we see details of civic workers deals? Opinions
Posted by Nerhael on Jul 23, 2009 New Messages
Curious as to whether the public can see any of the offers being tossed back and forth 7 forum posts
(Jul 24 - 12:23PM)

Sexy/Not Sexy Opinions
Posted by cosmicfish on Jul 15, 2009 New Messages
A post full of judgments. 5 forum posts
(Jul 16 - 12:28PM)

Great summary of Obama vs McCains Economic Policies Opinions
Posted by Miguel on Sep 22, 2008 New Messages
Great laymans terms discussion on their respective policies...from when you want to sound smart. This is from a great poster on poe news. 3 forum posts
(Sep 27 - 06:28PM)

Canadian Politics Opinions
Posted by fanoom on Sep 09, 2008 New Messages
Poop, you know it's on your mind 6 forum posts
(Sep 10 - 06:09PM)

TTC Douchebaggery Opinions
Posted by Nerhael on Mar 11, 2008 New Messages
Really...what is wrong with these people? 8 forum posts
(Mar 11 - 01:11PM)

Fired for having a blog? Opinions
Posted by Katie on Feb 15, 2008 New Messages
think twice Duffy 10 forum posts
(Feb 15 - 12:14PM)

The Wolfshack FAQ Opinions
Posted by nerhael on Jan 22, 2007 New Messages
Want some feedback on this FAQ written by Duffy. Chime in now or forever hold your peace! 8 forum posts
(Jan 14 - 11:46AM)

Dear iTunes Developers Opinions
Posted by nerhael on Dec 07, 2007 New Messages
Perhaps some things to add to your project roadmap 4 forum posts
(Dec 07 - 08:34PM)

The upcoming referendum Opinions
Posted by phduffy on Sep 28, 2007 New Messages
Is important 18 forum posts
(Oct 09 - 09:42AM)