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Dilemma/New Category?

Posted by phduffy on 2005-01-30 14:14:52
12 forum posts
Okay, so over the holidays I ordered Family Guy Season One on DVD from Zellers with my club Z points.

So that was cool.

This weekend I received my copy of the Family Guy Season One.

Along with....

A copy of the Family Guy, Season One.

So, I now have two copies.

What should I do?

I've thought of going to Zellers and telling them the truth, or going to customer service and telling them that I lost the receipt, or doing that at HMV.
So pretty much the gamut from honesty to outright theft.

I also thought I should just try to barter it with someone.

Whcih is where the new category idea came from.

Do people think that there'd be any point in having a category for needs/wants? Like, you know of a job that's available, you have extra tickets for the raptors game, stuff like that?
Almost like a mini Craigslist for the users of the Wolfshack....

Anyways, I have this Family Guy DVD.

I'm pretty sure that it's worth more than Season one of Arrested Development on DVD. And I'd trade it for Season One of Arrested Development, if you're interested.

So, place your bets.
  12 forum posts