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City of Suck

Posted by phduffy on 2004-08-24 09:19:53
2 forum posts
I was talking with Crux on the weekend about the MMORG City of Heroes. He might even post a review some time.

Then we started talking about how jobs and work pretty much suck.

So then we thought... we need to combine these two things. So we came up with the idea for a video game. If anyone out there is interested in helping us out, we'll give you 1% ownership. (cosmicfish and nerhael, I'm looking at you! And maybe Brian)

Anyways, here's how the game works.
You get up and take the long commute to your shitty job. While there, you do crappy and/or boring work. Your boss is probably a dick to you.

We didn't quite get the mechanics down, but here's kind of what we're thinking. Everytime your boss is a dick, or you have to stay late, or someone else takes credit for something you did, you get "rage points". Then, you can use the rage points to do certain things.
Like, say you want to hire a hooker to blow off some stress, but are worried about VD? Well, you'd use your rage points on a hooker and some cocaine.

Then, if your boss was still a dick, you could come in and knife him to death or something. You could be as creative as you'd like, maybe you'll sleep with his wife and turn his daughter into a crack addicted whore, and then convince his son to join the army.

I'm not sure how the MMORG aspects would work.
Like, maybe you could earn enough suck up points to get promoted and be someone's boss. Then you could be a dick to them for a few months, until they invent a device that tears off all your clothes while you're making a presentation to the board.
Then you'd get demoted, and it's your turn to think of how to get at people.

Suggestions? How do we make this awesome?
  2 forum posts