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Couple of questions

Posted by phduffy on 2009-12-22 14:35:32
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First, and I'm stealing this:

Ok, lets say you meet a girl who is everything you ever wanted, 10 in the looks department, independently wealthy, either fertile or not fertile, depending on what you want, funny, smart, intelligent, all that..


She talks exactly like Hulk Hogan giving an interview to Mean Gene Okerlund in 1987. Inflection, tone, the Weird looks, the yelling, the hand gestures, everything

You: Hey, what do you feel like for dinner?
Her: well, I’ll tell you brother, we have those chicken breasts defrosting in the freezer man, and we can make some Pasta Sides brother. Perhaps angel hair and olive oil for all the little fans who have looked up to me for so long!

Would you marry her?

Secondly, I need to call Rogers and see about negotiating my cell phone plan down. Anyone ahve any experience with this? Now, on the one hand, I'm pretty sure that they lied to me about not changing my plan when I signed up for this phone, and then proceeded to change my plan. That said, I did sign the contract.
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