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Posted by Miguel on 2008-12-15 12:48:04
2 forum posts
TIE 10 . MGMT - Oracular Spectacular/Colin Munroe The Unsung Hero Mixtape

MGMT is retarded fun electro with lots of gay psychedelia thrown in and an irrepressible catchiness. Plus their one video has those scary and amazing puppets from a "chuck-e-cheeses" like chain in the states that was used in a delicious fan made video for Usher's "Love In This Club"

Colin Munroe is a young guy from Ottawa currently making what I think is some of the most exciting music in Canada. This mixtape shows off his insane versatility across a number of genres.

9 . Vampire Weekend - S/T
Vampire weekend is a young Paul Simon circa 2008. A lot of people hate on them and use the dreaded overrated tag, but I can't figure out why. It's not an EARTH SHATTERINGLY BRILLIANT WORK OF ART, but its fun, well written music with collegiate English 101 lyrics. Good stuff.

8. Mr. OIZO - Lamb's Anger
VOUS ETES DES ANIMAUX....Mr. Oizo done did it again, this whole album is filled with his signature stripped down beats and squelches that form brain meltingly good tracks. Plus a cover of "It Take 2!". Whats not to like. Bonus points for being one of the best live DJ acts I have ever seen, seeing him in Tokyo was an incredible experience.

7. GirlTalk - Feed the Animals
Speaking of done did it again. Take everything you like about music, put it in a blender, squeeze and distill it. Out comes feed the animals. The Cassidy/Ace of Base combo is my favourite musical moment of the year. or was it Lil'Mama with Metallica's 'The One"??? I think this is it for him though, he tweaked his formula to allow for more pop sensibilities from what were basically glitchy trance records, but he needs to depart from the last two albums drastically or people are going to write him off.

6. Santogold - S/T
Like nothing I have ever heard before. Originality this day and age goes a long way, and Santogold's album is incredibly strong throughout all the tracks, and it remains uniquely hers. Urban pop way out of left field, it still amazes me that music as fresh and unconventional as this still gets published under major labels. Her sensibilities are also reflected through to her groundbreaking music videos.

5. Lil Wayne - The Carter III
The Best Rapper Alive finally makes good on his potential, creating this masterpiece of abstract wordplay, insane metaphors and sizzurp drenched pontifications. Alas, the lure of promethazine and sprite are starting to make Lil Wayne go from "amusingly crazy" to "Mike Tyson nuts" and now all he wants to do at his concerts is play the guitar and sing folk songs or something (and his guitar playing is shall we say.....less than adequate.) Still, nothing can take away this achievement: Mr. Carter, A Milli, Mrs. Officer, You Aint Got Nothing, Let The Beat Build and the world's most unlikely, most strangely addictive club track ever: Lollipop. Shine on you crazy diamond.

4. Tough Alliance - New Chance
Something tells me this actually came out in 2007, but whatevs. Take Peter Gabriel, UB40, and the Swedish electro scene, glue them together with exceptional production, and you have an album that at first glance looks like a guilty pleasure, but is actually an incredibly accomplished record. Infectiously sunny, but still subtle and complex, "A New Chance" is just a pervasively enjoyable piece of work. Hot videos too.

3. Kanye West - 808's and Heartbreaks
A scary, bitter, beautiful record. The vocoder works perfectly not because it hides Kanye's weak singing voice (there are plenty of other engineering tricks they could use to amplify it), but because it creates the perfect emotional shield for hateful, base feelings. Kanye lost his mom and broke off his engagement, and that turmoil leaks through every aspect of Kanye's work. Say what you will about his megalomania, the man knows how to write a song, and we are all the better for it.

I had to break you off with the R.Kelly remix too!

2. Bon Iver - For Emma Forever Ago
Bon Iver is Justin Vernon, a man who holed up in a Wisconsin cabin for three months after the breakup of his band, relationship and a bout of illness. Originally not planning on recording anything, Justin created this flawless, delicate diamond of an album...his gorgeous tenor brings up the loneliness of a long northern winter, evoking physical and emotional isolation. For Emma Forever Ago is like a melancholy sigh, the weary, refreshing kind we all have when the weight of the world seems a heavy a burden. Kind of fitting that this is right after Kanye's joint, because at their core, both albums are quite similar in theme and outlook.

1. Fleet Foxes - Ragged Woods
Immaculate choral harmonies, a pastoral sense of wonder, the best harmonic arrangements since the Beach Boys. Fleet Foxes evokes rural folk, Fleetwood Mac and the 70's AM dial, but are very much their own product. I am not a big album guy actually, I much prefer searching out singles and hot tracks, and there have only been a handful of albums in my life that I honestly could say that I did not want to end. Daft Punk's Discovery, M.I.A's Kala, Diplo's Florida, and maybe The Knife.....Fleet Foxes rightfully belongs in this list.

Honourable mentions: Beach House, Britney Spears, Chairlift, Diplo Vs Santogold, Flying Lotus, The Bug, DJ Rupture.
  2 forum posts