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New Years/Road Hockey

Posted by fanoom on 2008-12-05 15:11:35
21 forum posts
Well, it's December again, so you all know what that means. Five hours of hockey followed by old men passing out from intoxication. A day or two of rest, then sock monsters all around.

So, the problem that we face is scheduling of the road hockey match....
and, where the fuck are we having New Years, and is anyone showing up this year?

27-30th seems the best for road hockey time, I'm not sure who has time off, who is even planning on coming or anything, SO POST DAMNIT.

New Years..... IF people are showing up, where are we going to end up? My place or my parents, your choice. Sleeping arangements should be very straight forward. We have Seth's bed, a futon, couch, two air matressesesesessssesss. Or my parents place for the usual fun.

I personally don't care either way, I'm going to get drunk, get shushed, yell some more, scare my child, yell some more, get drunker, arm wrestle people, dance, probably do something I'll regret, drink some more....yeah....

So...let's figure this shit out.
  21 forum posts