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TTC Douchebaggery

Posted by Nerhael on 2008-03-11 09:08:33
8 forum posts
It's 2 days later, and I think this may still devolve into a foaming at the mouth rant, but whatever, wanted to put it down, ask for any potential clarification that might be offered.

Sunday afternoon, after having lunch, I took the subway from Bloor and Yonge to Bathurst station. There, I planned to take a streetcar down to College street.

At the top of the stairs, now on ground level, I saw that quite a crowd was assembled to get onto the next streetcar, which was idle 30 feet away from the proper stop, with it's doors closed.

While that streetcar was still parked and out of use, ANOTHER streetcar came in behind it. Okay, good, 2 streetcars for lots of people, that seems like a good thing.

So the first streetcar moves up to start letting people on, and the other one moves up enough to start letting people off. Now, 90% of the people waiting get onto the first car, since it's empty and ready to go. However, while it's still waiting for people to get on, and the 2nd car has finished emptying it's human cargo, a few of us decide to get onto the 2nd car which still had it's doors open.

I have my headphones on, so can't really hear anything, but I notice the driver turning back to us, and then a few of the people that got on get off. I take my headphones off, and the driver is now yelling at some kid who's questioning why he has to get off. Like a sheep unfortunately, I get off, assuming the street car is out of service.

So I'm standing there, and the driver proceeds to talk with another TTC employee for a few minutes, then closes all doors, move the car up those 30 feet, and opens them again, at which point, I'm like "What...the...fuck?" Why in the hell did that driver elect to behave like a complete asshole, to kick people off a streetcar for 4-5 minutes, only to let us right back on? What reasoning is behind this?

What's wrong with the TTC employees? Why is nearly every single one of them above 30 such a sour fuck? They keep hiking the rates of our fares to pay these grumpy assholes more money to perform their job even less! (They no longer have to do the announcements of each stop they were supposed to do, but rarely did.)

I would very much like to see change happen to this shameful transportation system, but have no clue how to help see it effected as I think it would require firing 90% of the working force as the first measure.

I just don't see how it's so ineffective and piss poor compared to other major cities. While I've largely only heard that anecdotally, I have seen it first hand in Tokyo, which has WAY more lines, and services WAY more people, but EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE SMILED AT YOU AND HELPED YOU IMMEDIATELY. Hell, the one time, we were just standing around looking slightly confused, and someone stopped, and asked if we needed help with anything.

Anyhow, rant over. I'm largely glad that my use of this system is limited to days I have physio, and odd trips on weekends.
  8 forum posts