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R.I.P Suspect Video (Queen Location)

Posted by Miguel on 2008-02-20 11:31:09
7 forum posts
One of my favorite memories of finally coming to live in Toronto was the first time I went into Suspect video.....all the movies I ever wanted to see were right there waiting for me in one very cool package. From insane japanese cult movies to the latest horror imported from Britain and France before it hit the movie theatres here! I will never forget the movie marathons we had at Trevor's place on gerrard and all the disturbing, incredible, one of a kind movies I used to spring on my friends.

With time Daniel, the manager there, became almost like a friend himself. I would go and chat with him for a good half hour or more about what was coming up and his recommendations. It's safe to say that no place has ever influenced my tastes and critical mindset regarding movies like Suspect Video.

....and now it's gone, victim of a huge fire at Queen and Bathurst, alongside Preloved, Duke's Bike and a couple of music stores.

It eats me up inside knowing that the city and developers are probably licking their lips right now, waiting to jack property taxes 300% and make that whole corner a huge glass block condo. That whole block was full of amazing independent businesses that make living in a city such an awesome experience. Now that Queen east of Spadina is nothing but a gross outdoor Eaton Centre, I fear that the strech untill Bathurst is going to be changed in the same way, starting with that block.

There is still the Suspect at Markham....but it's not the same. Suspect is going to be sorely missed by me.

  7 forum posts