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Selling my 6.3MP Canon Digital Rebel SLR kit for cheap

Posted by Aaron on 2006-09-15 15:34:22
4 forum posts
You can find pictures of the camera itself at the base of this page: Ignore the price. I'm asking $700 for the package now. If I've somehow overestimated the cost, let me know with proof. Heh.

Here's the description, again copied from the Kijiji post:

I've a Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D. It's a 6.3 megapixel digital SLR, and I have two lenses for it: the kit lens (18-55 EFS) and a Canon UltraSonic 75-300 EF lens which I purchased last January.

The camera body has some (very) minor scratches, but is in fine working condition.

Also includes: The Canon strap, battery, charger, manual, 128MB CFII memory card (you'll probably want a bigger one, but this is what it came with), the software, a bunch of booklets further describing features (stuff I've never looked at), and a Magic Lantern Guide to the Canon EOS Digital Rebel.

The guide is actually the perfect little book for anyone new to digital photography or photography in general. Its plain English descriptions, instructions, and suggestions made it quite valuable to me as a newcomer to the hobby. Coloured photos illustrating the effects they talk about are inspiring, too.

Edited to Add: A Canon EW-60C lens hood, a circular polarizing filter (from Henry's), and a Canon RS60-E3 remote switch. The hood and filter fit both lenses. I've added these things because they aren't compatible with my new equipment.

I've been extremely careful and gentle with the camera as it was my intention to buy it, see if I'd enjoy SLR photography, then sell it for an upgrade if I wanted to get super serious. And I do. So I'm selling it!

If you're interested and serious about it, feel free to come take a look. You can see photos I've taken with it at (photos prior to March 26).

Call me at (905) 623-7802. Ask for Aaron.
  4 forum posts